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How do you do it.. How to fix compressed file problems on Windows computers


Compressing files helps Windows computers manage them, as it facilitates storing and sending large files, but while dealing with compressed files, you may encounter some problems and a message appears stating that the compressed file is invalid, and this problem appears for various reasons, which may be related to the operating system or File decompression tool, or other reasons
You may have problems with compressed files, and the alert that the compressed file is invalid appears whether or not you are using a third-party file compression tool, and if the problem occurred while using a third-party compression tool, reinstalling the tool may solve the problem, depending on for aitnews website
Fix the problem of compressed files on Windows computers by reinstalling the file compression tool. Here is how to reinstall the file compression tool
 Press the (Win and R) buttons to open the Run box
 Type appwiz.cpl and press the OK button to open the Programs and Features window
 Select the file compression application you are using, and choose Uninstall to remove it
 When the uninstallation is finished, reinstall the file compression utility from a trusted website