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Google announces features in Gmail and Docs to rival Microsoft


Google will soon offer ways to create text and images using machine learning, to catch up with competitors in the new AI race, theverge reports.

Google announced a set of upcoming generative AI features for its various workspace applications, including Google Docs , Gmail , Sheets , and Slides , and the features include new ways to compose, summarize, and brainstorm texts, using AI in Google Docs as many people use OpenAI's ChatGPT ) , the option to compose entire Gmail emails based on users' summary bullet points, and the ability to produce AI images, audio, and video to illustrate presentations, similar to features in Microsoft Designer , powered by OpenAI's DALL-E , and Canva , powered by Stable Diffusion). The ad shows Google's eagerness to catch up with competitors in the new AI race.

Since the arrival of ChatGPT last year and Microsoft's launch of Bing's chatbot-enabled software in February, the search giant has been seeking to roll out similar AI features. The company reportedly announced a "code red" in December, in which senior management required employees to add AI tools to all of its user products, which are used by billions of people, within months .

But Google is definitely racing against itself. Although the company has announced a handful of new features, only the first of them — AI writing tools in Docs and Gmail — will be made available to a group of "trusted testers" in the US this month (this month). Also how Google announced the availability of a ChatGPT competitor Bard .) Google says these and other features will be made publicly available later in the year but didn't say when.