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Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT accelerates the creation of new vaccines


Bill Gates shared his support for the advancement of artificial intelligence, declaring that ChatGPT- like technology is as revolutionary as cell phones and the Internet. Discovering new pathways for drug design.
According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the founder of Microsoft has spent billions of dollars to provide treatments for the developing world, and believes that artificial intelligence tools are our biggest weapon against deadly diseases and viruses.
"One of the Gates Foundation's priorities in AI is making sure these tools are used for health problems affecting the world's poorest people, including AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria," Gates shared in a recent blog post.
Gates is a pioneer in the world of technology, having founded Microsoft in 1975 that led to the world's first operating system Windows 95, and now he is focused on artificial intelligence, with a focus on how the technology will benefit healthcare.
“Artificial intelligence systems will greatly accelerate the rate of medical innovation,” Gates wrote. “The amount of data in biology is so large, it is difficult for humans to keep track of all the ways in which complex biological systems operate.”
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contributes to many vaccines and the Microsoft founder seems to believe that AI will improve development and launch speed.
Using AI allows vaccine testing in multiple ways that humans can't in study subjects, and Microsoft has also implemented AI in its Bing search engine, which provides clear-language answers pulled from what Bing finds on the web and its data vaults.