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How to change your home or company address in Google Maps


Google Maps allows you to set your home or business address so you can quickly find directions to and from your home, if you recently moved to a new home or moved your company to a new city; You can update this data in Google Maps to get the best user 


How to change your home address using the Google Maps app on your phone

1- Go to the Google Maps application on your phone.

2- Click on your photo or initials that appear in the upper-right corner.

3- Click on the (Settings) option . Click on the ( Modify home or work address) option .

4- Click on the menu icon which is three horizontal dots next to your current home address.

5- From the list, choose (Modify the home address) Edit home .

6- A search bar will appear with your old home address. Click on the ( X ) sign next to the address shown in the search bar.

7- Enter your new address in the search bar, or alternatively, press Choose on map .

8- Drag the pin into the map and place it at your new home address.

 9- Check the information that appears on the screen, then click on the Save option .