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Microsoft Wants To Bring Artificial Intelligence To Windows 11


A new report stated that Microsoft is striving to integrate artificial intelligence into all its products, and it seems that Windows will get some improvements in this field in the coming years.

Among the features that Microsoft believes can be improved using artificial intelligence is the function (group windows and programs) to make the most of the display space.

This function shows arrangement and grouping suggestions when clicking on the zoom icon located in the upper right corner of the window, and when the user selects the desired layout, all windows are displayed on the screen accordingly, and here it creates a Snap group that can be easily minimized and enlarged.

And the website (Windows Central) – which specializes in Microsoft news – quoted its sources as saying that the American software giant is planning to add new smart features to the assembly in order to improve the way the function works in the Windows 11 system.

These features include remembering Snap Layouts for a specific group of applications that the user can retrieve with a single click, and OCR (optical character recognition) technology can also be incorporated to enable searching in applications.