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How to fix ChatGPT has stopped working on Windows computers in 7 steps


However, sometimes the bot may stop completing the conversation and show you an alert (ChatGPT is at capacity right now), and this may be because the number of users is too high at that time, or the Windows computer you are using is facing a certain problem  . 
A number of methods can be tried to fix the problem of ChatGPT stopping working on Windows computers, as follows:  

1- Temporarily stop using the ChatGPT bot 

An alert (ChatGPT is at capacity right now) may appear due to a large increase in the number of users at that time, as this puts more pressure on the ChatGPT servers, to solve this problem, stop using the ChatGPT bot temporarily and try to use it again

2- Check the status of the ChatGPT server

The ChatGPT bot can stop chatting and show the same alert if ChatGPT servers are under maintenance. To check, open DownDetector in your browser, type (OpenAI) in the search bar, and click the search icon.
If there is a significant increase in reported issues, it is likely that there is a problem with the server. In this case you have to wait for OpenAI to solve the problem

3 - Clear browser cache data

Another effective way to fix ChatGPT bot has stopped working is to clear your browser's cache data.

4 - Remove unwanted plugins

Some extensions can interfere with the work of the browser and cause various problems, and you can discover and remove these extensions from the Chrome browser

5 - Use incognito browsing mode

Another way to try to fix ChatGPT has stopped working is to switch to Incognito Mode in your browser.
To switch to incognito mode in Chrome and Edge, press the buttons (Ctrl, SHIFT, N) after opening the browser, and if you are using Firefox, open the browser first, and then press the buttons (Ctrl, SHIFT, P

6 - Reset network settings

Wrong network settings can be the reason why ChatGPT stops working, to fix that, you can reset network settings to default settings in Windows 11 

7- Use a different browser

Sometimes, the problem may be in the browser itself, so if you tried all the solutions mentioned above but still didn't work, try using a different browser and then start using the ChatGPT bot.