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How have desktop and laptop computers accelerated growth?


Laptops are becoming more popular in classrooms due to features such as affordability, wireless connectivity, and ease of use.  
Technological developments, virtual learning, rapid penetration of internet-enabled devices, and change in work culture driven by the Covid-19 pandemic are key factors driving market growth in this segment. 
The global computer market size is expected to grow by about $210 billion during 2021-2026. 
The Asia Pacific (APAC) region will account for 38% of the market growth with China, Japan and India as the largest computer markets. 
The expansion of the PC market in the Asia Pacific region will help drive demand for PCs across a range of industries, including healthcare, education, entertainment and other sectors. 
However, there are many challenges as well, namely, insufficient cyber security measures and the tendency to buy devices with low configuration, in addition to reducing the demand for independent devices, and the impending recession. 
How do we navigate these challenging times and make the most of the situation, watch our discussion to learn more about this.