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Apple is making a new move for ads on Apple TV Plus


Apple has brought on an advertising executive to help create the TV Plus advertising company, according to The Information 
Apple made a notable hire that could signal its intent to move into advertising on Apple TV Plus, and the company has hired advertising executive Lauren Fry to "help build the video advertising business for the Apple TV Plus streaming service," reports theverge  
Apple has turned more to ads to help boost its revenue, added new ad placements in the App Store last year and reportedly wants to bring ads into apps like Maps, Books and Podcasts, so it's no surprise that it's looking at TV Plus ads as well.
And the rental isn't even the first to explore advertising with its streaming offering, as it has shown ads against Major League Baseball games and is said to be building an ad network around the streaming service with Major League Soccer. 
Currently, Apple TV Plus is only available through a paid subscription that has recently become more expensive, so an ad-supported and supposedly affordable tier could be one way for Apple to attract new subscribers 
And at this point, getting a subsidized ad tier from a streaming service is pretty common — Netflix and Disney Plus acquired it last year, while the HBO Max ad plan launched in June 2021 — and when hiring Fry it looks like Apple is moving forward with plans to run ads in The End alongside shows like Ted Lasso and Severance.