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Technology Valley or what is known as Silicon Valley


There is an area south of San Francisco, California that is famous for a large number of computer companies. At first, it was a valley enclosed in Santa Clara that started north of Palo Alto and ran 25 miles south to San Jose 

With the expansion of neighboring cities, the entire San Francisco Bay area was linked and became what is now known as Silicon Valley 

This valley is the birthplace of today 's tech giants such as Facebook , Google , and Apple , which run their social networks, search engines, email services, smartphones, computers in our daily lives, and thousands of hardware, software, and related entities that have headquarters or offices there, making it the largest Forum of high-tech in the United States and the world 

During the 1970s and 1980s, the number of computer and electronics companies grew exponentially, which is when the area got its nickname .

In the 1990s, software and Internet-related companies proliferated , the site became widely available, and the prices of houses and apartments increased dramatically .

The silicon chip was first conceived in the mid-20th century when the semiconductor industry was established. In 1951, Terman led the creation of the Stanford Industrial Park (now known as Research), which granted long-term leases of university land exclusively to high-tech firms 

As more companies moved to the region, this increased the demand for basic electronic components, technical skills, and business necessities. Many former high-tech employees started their own companies, long before the personal computer and the beginning of the Valley culture 

Silicon is still used today to create the chips that bring smartphones, computers, tablets and many of our devices to life