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Meta adds new security features to Messenger


Meta has announced that it will add new security features to Facebook's Messenger app, RT reports.

According to the information provided by the company, the new features will extend to encrypted messaging services through the application, so that these services will become more secure, and the “encrypted chats” mechanisms will improve, and new emoji will be available to its user.

Users of encrypted messaging in "Messenger" will be able to choose special identification images for chat groups, and they will also be able to preview links to view their contents before opening them, which will protect users from malicious links that may lead to hacking of their devices and electronic accounts.

And for users of the "Messenger" application on Android devices, Meta will introduce the "bubbles" feature that will alert users of new notifications or messages that they received through the application.

And the company indicated in its publication on the Internet that users of the “Messenger” application will receive, during the coming months, notifications indicating an update to the messaging mechanism through their application, and it said in the publication, “We know that people want a space to communicate and they want to know that these conversations are private, that is why We spent time In building a team of talented engineers, cryptographers, and experts to develop an end-to-end encryption ecosystem for Messenger."