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Giving millions of iPhone owners access to new Siri tricks


Apple's intelligent assistant Siri has some new tricks. The voice-controlled virtual assistant installed in all Apple devices can perform a number of fun tasks - like casting Harry Potter spells. 
But Apple taught Siri how to make the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch experience hands-free
Siri can also convert text into emoji
This new and random feature helps activate hands-free texting while driving
However, you need an iPhone XS or later and at least iOS 16 for these Siri skills to work.
All you have to do is dictate the text out loud, as you normally would with Siri
And when you want to add an emoji, just say the name of the emoji followed by the word 'emoji'.
Apple's iOS 16, first introduced in June last year, lets Siri perform another new skill
You can train Siri to send text messages automatically
This means that you don't have to manually confirm that you want the message to arrive.
To set this up, head to Settings > Siri & Search > Send Messages Automatically
 You can choose where to send messages with Siri automatically
You can mix and match three options: CarPlay, headphones, and hearing aids
You can also get Siri to restart your iPhone
Previously, iPhone users had to hold a combination of buttons or dig into the settings to restart the device
While these methods still work, iPhone users can tell Siri to "restart iPhone" and the virtual assistant will get the job done — as long as your phone is unlocked