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Core i9-13900KF CPUs Overclock Best, Binning Stats Reveal


Intel's 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors are some of the best CPUs for gaming. There's no doubt about it. However, have you ever wondered which chips overclock the best? German publication Igor's Lab
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 has tested up to 480 Raptor Lake processors and published the binning data on the silicon quality you can expect from each processor tier.

Intel does its bit of binning before sending the Raptor Lake processors off to the retail market. During production, the chipmaker evaluates each chip and implants a unique V/F curve into each one of them. 

The V/F curve houses the data for each core regarding the minimum voltage corresponding to each frequency. The V/F curve, different for each SKU, tells the motherboard how much voltage is needed for a particular frequency. Some motherboard manufacturers, such as Asus, utilize these V/F curves to determine the quality of the processor and the chip's overclocking potential

Asus built a feature into the brand's ROG Maximus-and Strix-branded motherboards called Silicon Prediction (SP), which uses a mathematical formula to assess silicon quality based on the processor's V/F curve. It results in a simple number that tells you how good the processor is. 

Logically, the higher the number the better since it correlates to a better processor. Igor's Lab's methodology is simple. The news outlet sticks the Raptor Lake processor inside the Maximus Z790 Hero, boots up the system, goes inside the BIOS, and records the SP value for each sample