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CES 2023: A “sensor” innovation that can fix poor colors in smartphone cameras


Belgian company Spectricity introduced the S1 sensor which is claimed to complement the smartphone's main camera system to deliver accurate skin tone and color reproduction, as the company says the S1 is the first compact multispectral image sensor ready for mobile devices and the first smartphones using this sensor are expected to be launched by 2024, and also says that the technology is expected to be included in all smartphones within two years, according to the Indian TOI website.

What does the Spectricity S1 sensor do?

The company says the Spectricity S1, the first truly miniaturized and mass-manufacturable mobile spectral image sensor, mitigates the color accuracy (or color reproduction) issues of smartphone cameras and "can measure true color by the spectral signature of an object."

How do you claim to make the photos better?

The company says that the S1 sensor captures the full visible range and near infrared at the video rates required for mobile applications, "Despite all the advances in image sensor and camera technology, smartphones still cannot capture true colors because they are limited to three color channels: red and green." and blue", and the sensor is used in conjunction with the main cameras of the smartphone.
According to Vincent Mouret, CEO of Spectricity, the company is currently sampling the S1 to several smartphone manufacturers so that it can be included in upcoming models. We expect to launch the first smartphone models with the S1 in 2024 and all smartphones to include our technology within the coming years.”
Even "a high-end smartphone camera suffers from color blindness," said Jonathan Borremans, the company's CTO, and notes that the S1 uses richer spectral signature data, resulting in much higher color accuracy in images. Spectral imaging will become essential in all devices, including the camera."
The S1 Spectral Camera Sensor is also expected to drive innovation in consumer devices in personal cosmetics, health and wellness, e-commerce, smart gardening, and authentication.