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China enters the world of computer graphics processor manufacturing


The Chinese company Moore Thread announced the development of new graphics processors for computers , to compete with those produced by Nvidia and AMD, and according to the information reported by the company recently, its new processors will come in two versions, the MTT S60 version that will come with a power of 6 teraflops and contain 8 GB of LPGDDR4X random memory, The second version, MTS2000, will be 12 teraflops with 32 GB of RAM.
According to the "RT" website, it is interesting in the new processors that they support encoding and decoding videos in all popular formats, as well as support for DirectX Runtime, OpenCL, OpenGL, Vulkan, CUDA technologies , and support hardware encoding according to H.264 and H.265. and AV1, H.264, H.265, AV1, VP8, and VP9.
Moore Thread did not disclose many technical details of these processors, but it is known that they developed them according to 12nm technology, and that the MTT S60 contains 2048 cores, while the MTS2000 contains twice that number of cores.
It is also expected that these processors will be tested in the Chinese market within a few months.