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Scientists find a way to reveal the secrets of the solar system by gravity.. I know the details


Quantum gravity sensors, used to detect the effect of gravity on various features of the Earth, can be used to detect underground water pockets or tunnels in a planet in the Solar System . Pulsed laser to probe the gravitational field at two different points.
And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the device has already been used to discover a tunnel buried about 3 feet underground, and it can be used in the future to study the underground of inhospitable planets and moons.
It can be used to understand weather patterns in the clouds of Venus, or to find underground water caves on the Moon or Mars.
The team says it could reduce costs and delays associated with construction, rail and road projects, and improve forecasting of volcanic eruptions.
The new work, by the British team, represents the first time a hidden object has been discovered underground using quantum technology, and is the first effective use of a quantum gravimeter outside laboratory conditions where vibration can be reduced, as a quantum gravimeter was used to find a tunnel. Buried outdoors in realistic conditions, winning an international race to use extraterrestrial technology .
The sensor works by detecting differences in microgravity using principles of quantum physics, which is based on manipulating nature at the sub-molecular level.
"This is an Edison moment in sensing that will change society, human understanding and economies," said Professor Kay Bongs, chair of cold atom physics at the University of Birmingham.
He added, "With this achievement, we have the ability to end reliance on poor records and luck as we explore, build and repair, plus an underground map of what is currently unseen is now an important step closer, ending a situation where we know more about Antarctica." More than what lies within a few feet of our streets, we also discover what is off the planet.”