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Worth £240,000, a robotic chef cooks and serves food in Switzerland


Swiss scientists have unveiled a £240,000 robot chef that can make the perfect cheese dessert. Boiled cheese fondue with a selection of dipping ingredients is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes among cheese lovers around the world.
A Swiss team has developed a robotic chef, and the robot, which cost up to 240,000 pounds to develop, is set to appear at the Paris International Agriculture Fair, one of the world's largest food production fairs, which begins this weekend.
The robot site took nearly two years to set up, Nicholas Fontaine, co-director of setting up the robot, told AFP, adding: "We wanted to do a project that would combine innovation with Swiss tradition."
The technical director of the project: Using his control panel the robot arm can be maneuvered down towards each cheese triangle, which is lifted by creating a vacuum at the top, and after cutting the crust with a circular blade, it begins to pass the bottom side down the grater.
Back on the stove, Boebot, the name of the robotic chef, does some vigorous stirring in an eight while the cheese melts, then wipes the spoon and sprinkles some pepper.