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Troubleshooting Methods When AirPod Case Is Not Charging


If you want good AirPods, that means that the charging case should be able to provide about 30 hours of listening time, sometimes, though, even your AirPods case can suffer faulty and not charge properly, This is causing you trouble, and here are the most common ways to solve the problem when AirPods charging case won't charge, according to business insider.

Learn how to read charging signs

Does your AirPods case charge when plugged in or placed on its charging pad? You need to know how to read the signs.

 First, look for the charging status light, and when you first plug the case in, you should see the charging light come on (but it will turn off automatically after about 10 seconds).
Another useful indication that the case is charging: Put the AirPods in their case and close the lid. 
Connect the case to its charging cable (you need a charging cable, not a wireless charging pad for this test).

 Open the cover and keep the case close to your iPhone. 

The AirPods status screen should appear, indicating that both the AirPods and the case are charging, and since the case is plugged in and charging, you should see a small lightning bolt next to the battery icon for the earbuds and the case, and if the case doesn't have a lightning bolt, you know you have some kind of charging problem.

Try a different charging pad or use a cable

If you have a wireless charging case and you're trying to charge it wirelessly, try switching to a different wireless pad to make sure this isn't the problem. 

And there's even better: switch to using a charging cable, if the cable works, you know the problem is either with the case's wireless charging system or the charging pad you're trying to use.

Contact Apple Customer Service

If none of these troubleshooting steps can restore your case's charging ability, contact Apple Customer Service, you may have a hardware issue and your case may need to be replaced.