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Tourist visits resume at Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome


In 2022, tourists first visited the "Vostochny" cosmodrome, located in the Amurskaya region in the Far East of Russia. The airport has been closed for two years to visits due to the spread of the Corona virus epidemic.
This was stated on the terrestrial space infrastructure investment website.
 The website said that the "Vostochny" airport received tourists for the first time after imposing restrictions related to the "Covid-19" outbreak, and they are students from the Romninskoye region of the Amorskaya region who arrived at the space airport to see where the space rockets are collected, which are later launched into space.
The group of tourists included 20 students who had previously undergone a "PCR" test, and that visit became possible, provided that all tourists observe precautionary and epidemiological measures.
It is noteworthy that the "Vostochny" space airport is one of the most popular Russian space airports, and the airport received every year before the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic about two thousand tourists, most of them are students and students from the Russian Far East, and only 20% of them are adults.
Tourist visits are usually conducted in "Vostochny" with the purpose of raising the interest of young people to work in the institutions of "RosCosmos", including the "Vostochny" space airport.
It is noteworthy that the civil space airport "Vostochny" began construction work in 2007 based on a decree issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and in 2012-2016 was established a platform for launching missiles "Soyuz-2".