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Google brings Chrome OS to PC and Mac


Google has announced early access to a new version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Flex. Designed for businesses and schools, the new version of Chrome OS is designed to run on old PCs and Macs. The operating system can be installed "in a matter of minutes," according to the Google blog.
And Chrome OS Flex looks identical to Chrome OS on a Chromebook - it's built from the same code base and follows the same "release cadence". It has indicated that some of the features may depend on the computers you are using.
This wouldn't be the first time Chrome OS has appeared on devices that didn't ship with it. Google recently bought Neverware, which previously sold an app called CloudReady that allows users to convert old PCs to Chrome OS systems. That sparked speculation about where we might see Chrome OS and its future in the PC space, The Verege reports.
If you want to try out Chrome OS Flex for yourself, you can learn more on the Chrome Enterprise website. Note that the operating system is still in early access mode, so you may encounter errors - you can run it directly from a USB drive if you prefer to search before installing it on your device.