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Chinese restaurant owners hire a smart translator to cater to Olympic fans


Restaurant owners in the Beijing Olympics used a smart phone-like device that can simultaneous translation from Mandarin Chinese to other languages with the foreign audience following the Olympics, in addition to thousands of athletes, coaches, journalists and technicians in China who have money to spend it.

In the past few days we have had more customers, and we have relied on this smartphone for translation when communicating with them, said Wang Jianxin, the assistant of the ice cream shop.
The translation is done by speaking to the smartphone, which quickly translates the person's words before reading them again in a female voice

Because staff and volunteers often wear face masks and masks, which makes communication difficult, and Mandarin does not share languages ​​like English, German, Norwegian, French and Russian that many Olympic competitors speak, fortunately, help was found on devices like “Sputnik.” iFLYTEK Jarvisen", an intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) based translator developed in China.

"I think the app works very well, and it seems to be working perfectly," Nikki Hancock, the media attache for Team USA, told Reuters after ordering lunch at Green Dragon. She (the waitress) answered me, and she had said the same thing I had said.

For her part, Lu Guanli, manager of the Green Dragon restaurant, said that few customers were surprised when they received unexpected advice about the menu, when "mushroom" was translated as "fungus" among other anomalies. She added:

Some of our dishes have rather unusual traditional names, so there are some inaccuracies in the translation, but that did not diminish the interest of the customers (for the dishes). It's very funny