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Apple may launch its iPhone SE 3 at a price as low as $ 300


 a low price of up to $ 300, as Apple achieves a wide spread of iPhone phones in a number of markets that include the United States, China, and Japan in addition to Germany, which are the markets that achieve the highest sales on Apple devices.
While Apple aims to expand in global markets further during the coming period, so the technology giant focuses on the company’s medium versions of the iPhone SE series of phones, and the latest reports indicate that Apple plans to reduce the pricing level for its upcoming release of the iPhone SE series for the year 2022 to the price of $ 300 .
According to reports, the iPhone SE 3 comes with the feature of connecting to 5G networks, but it comes with a lower pricing level than the iPhone SE 2 for the year 2020, which supports connection to 4G networks only, but it comes at a price of 399 dollars.
On the other hand, the iPhone SE 3 comes with improvements in battery life, and the processor from the previous version, in addition to support for connecting to 5G networks, where the price of $ 300 is the lowest price offered in the iPhone 5G phones so far.