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A source reveals the prices of the competing PlayStation Spartacus service packages for Game Pass..

The mysterious PlayStation service Spartacus, with which Sony will compete with Game Pass, will be launched soon. This is according to the famous journalist Jeff Group.

Group and through a report published on the Giantbomb website (citing VGC) claimed that it had obtained new information about the new Sony service that has not been officially announced yet.
PlayStation Spartacus monthly service package prices
In terms of prices, the Group once again confirmed that there will be 3 packages within the PlayStation Spartacus service, at a maximum price of $ 16 per month. The three packages are divided into Essential, in which the monthly subscription will cost $10, Extra, in which the monthly subscription will cost $13, and Premium, in which the monthly subscription will cost $16.
The content that the three packages will provide to subscribers
Group went on to explain what it had heard from its own sources about what players in each category would get. Where he said he would get a bundle and Premium worth $16 a month as being like EA Play. You get a trial version of the full game. He added that he does not know whether this will apply to every game that is released, but it seems to be the case in principle.
The group added that you can get classic games and the feature of playing through cloud streaming, which will not be available in any of the other packages, while subscribers will also get classic games.
Then he said he didn't know what classic games meant, but mentioned that they would be a big part of this premium category. Then you have gaming experiences, classic games and Streaming within the Premium package.
As for the Extra package, it will enable you to get a downloadable game library and it is believed that any game on PS Now can be downloaded on PlayStation devices, as the library includes between 250 to 300 games, according to his description.
He confirmed that subscribers to this service will not get the cloud streaming feature, but that subscribers will get 300 games that can be downloaded.
Finally, a group moved to the event about the third basic package, which it said is the same as the PS Plus package with monthly games, just as we know it today.
Group confirmed that it does not have any information about whether there will be an annual subscription package of these new packages. But he confirmed the existence of monthly payments from them only.
According to a previous report published by Bloomberg, Sony's new service will be codenamed "Spartacus" and will combine the existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services. The same report said that it expects to launch the service on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this spring.
It may be time to reveal the mysterious PlayStation project Spartacus, a competitor to Game Pass. This may be done through a special Sony event, which is believed to take place during the month of March.