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A new virtual reality helmet for the PlayStation 5.. its most prominent features


Sony Group unveiled a new virtual reality helmet dedicated to the PlayStation 5 gaming devices.

The "PlayStation VR 2" helmet, in black and white, is more forward looking and easier to carry, and its price or launch date has not been announced, according to an engadged report.
 The Japanese group launched, in the first stage, the first accessory of this kind in 2016 for the famous video game console in its previous version.
"We originally had a semi-finished helmet with the first model so we didn't want to radically change the user experience, what I wanted to change was to make the device smaller and lighter," helmet designer Eugene Morisawa told AFP.
The technical helmet features a high-definition OLED screen, four built-in cameras to track movements in space, and a concussion system to enhance immersion in games.
The device can also be adjusted to suit users who wear glasses, and the holes also allow air to enter to prevent the formation of steam.
And “Sony” succeeded in selling more than five million copies of its first helmet in the world, as it made it one of the best-selling accessories in an expanding market that includes especially among its players the “Meta Quest 2” device from the giant American Meta group (the parent company of Facebook).
A study by “PwC” showed that the virtual reality sector generated about $1.8 billion in revenue in 2020, with expectations that it will grow by nearly 30% by 2025, to reach its value close to seven billion dollars. The only company that has taken this path so far, but this sector is attracting great interest in the development of the world of “Metaverse”, which is a network of virtual spaces connected to each other and available thanks to glasses for virtual or augmented reality, which raises especially the interest of giant groups, including Meta and Microsoft.