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A new update fixes Apple's errors in iPhone phones


Apple has released new updates for the drivers of its phones and mobile devices to save those devices from some technical problems and gaps, according to the Emirati statement.

The company explained that it launched the new iOS 15.3.1 update for iPhone phones, as well as the iPadOS 15.3.1 update for iPad tablets, in addition to the macOS Monterey 12.2.1 update for personal computers, and another update for its smart watch systems.
The company added that the iOS 15.3.1 update was specifically launched to address a software vulnerability, which was related to the incorrect use of dynamic memory, through which arbitrary code could be run in users' phones, according to Russia Today.
Owners of iPhone phones who previously obtained systems from iOS 15.3 can benefit from the new update, and they can download it by going to the settings menus on their phones, then the “General” option, and then the “Software Update” option, with the 19D.52 code selected for the update.
As for the new update for macOS systems, it was dedicated, according to Apple, to fix a problem that some users of its laptops were experiencing, and caused the batteries of those devices to drain; Some websites indicated that the problem appeared in some computers running Intel and M1 processors from Apple.